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What kind of images can I upload?
You can upload multiple images at once from Instagram, Facebook or your desktop / camera roll.
Images with light backgrounds look great! Dark and cluttered backgrounds, not so great. Avoid blurry, unfocused ones with lots of black, especially on marshmallows!
Please refrain from uploading any image that could be considered pornographic, sexually explicit or references to hate crime, we will cancel these orders and they will not be processed. Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details. 


What size & shape should my images be?
For our products, we would advise using square images - you can crop any image you upload on our site using our edit function. The images you upload should be between 500-1000px and under 5MB.


Can I use emojis and special characters?

We are not currently able to print emojis or special characters. We can only print English characters on our cards.


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