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How to get the very best from your beautiful flowers

  1. When they arrive in their new home, make sure to firstly remove your roses' guard petals. These protect the inner petals which will be bright and beautiful in bloom!
  2. To help get as much water to the stems, trim 3-4cm off their ends at a right angle
  3. Then finally prune and remove any leaves that fall below the waterline of your vase 
  4. You're good to go, display them proudly in a lovely light room!


Try and keep your flowers away from direct sunlight or any heat sources such as radiators. Your flowers will last much longer in natural light. Also try to re-trim your stems and refresh your vase water every 3 days!


Spring Brights - Image 3


Any concerns on your flowers appearance?

My roses are looking tired - The 'guard' petals are kept on your bouquet for additional protection on their journey to you. They are much tougher on the outside so you can just gently remove the larger petals from the outside (only requires about 2-3 to be removed) which will allow the newer, softer petals to begin opening more! They usually take 1-2 days to bloom but in colder conditions, may take slightly longer.

They look a little squashed - Rest assured they will unflatten and open up again once they are settled and watered. If you leave them overnight, by morning they will be beautiful!

They are looking a little droopy - Do not worry at all! They just require a trim of their stems and a drink when they arrive at their new home. Once they are settled overnight, they will be beautiful again. Make sure to follow the instructions on our packaging to keep them well looked after.

The stems look a little damaged - Please contact our Customer Care team with a couple of photos of these, so we can have a look at them and take care of this for you.

My flowers didn't last very long? - A flowers life-span does vary, mainly dependent on the conditions they live in. To ensure you get the most out of your lovely gift, ensure you follow our guidance closely in caring for your flowers. We offer a 5-day freshness guarantee!

Need to hold onto them for your special someone? 

We strongly suggest getting your beautiful flowers delivered on the special day so they are opened and proudly displayed as quickly as possible! However, if you do need to keep hold of them perhaps overnight, we recommend keeping them in a cold environment (inside your home), as they'll bloom when in warmth. If you could, take them out of their box and put them into a nutrition cocktail that should be attached to your flowers, but our letterbox flowers will have their little surprise too soon so best not to with those!!



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