How long will it take for my Boomf to be delivered?
For information on our shipping times please visit Shipping Info.


Where do you ship to?


Do I have to sign for my DHL Express Delivery?
A signature is required and you will receive an email to notify you of the delivery date with your tracking code which you can check here.
Usually a calling card will be left at the address informing the receiver that DHL tried to deliver (We suggest monitoring the tracking for this though!). The receiver can either collect the parcel from their local DHL office or arrange another delivery.


Do Boomf need to be signed for when they're delivered?
Our Boomf Cards are designed to fit through your mailbox. However if you have selected Express shipping a recipient signature will be required.


Do you deliver to APO/Army base addresses?
We ship using Royal Mail services which can ship to UK APO addresses only. If a parcel is sent out to a country that is not the UK it will most likely be returned to us. We hope to have this option in the near future!


Do you deliver to UAE?
We do indeed. However, any orders being shipped to UAE must be sent to PO BOX addresses to ensure they arrive. The P.O. Box with the number MUST be specified and should be added to the 1st line of the address, this is followed by the street, and City. Add 0000 in the Zipcode block.


I've ordered several cards, how can I tell which one is which?
When you receive your Boomf Bomb/Boomf Flutter, the recipient name is on the bottom of the address label (you have this option in the basket stage of checkout to add if you wanted to).

If you didn't enter a recipient name, you can still identify your different Boomf products by looking at your account page on the Boomf website, so not to worry!

If you didn't enter a recipient name, we can still identify your different Boomf products, so not to worry!

On the back of the envelope there is a small sticker bearing a barcode and a number beginning with U, we can use this Unit Number to work out which is which. Please send this to us at hello@boomf,com and we will solve this for you right away. 


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