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How will my Boomf Balloon Pet be delivered?
All Boomf Balloon Pets are sent ready-inflated with helium in a large box (measuring 45 x 45 x 55cm) via Royal Mail First Class (UK only). The delivery estimate is 1-3 working days, although over 90% arrive next day (including Saturday). Please note: due to the size of the box, someone will need to be in to receive your Boomf Pet!

What if I'm not home to receive my Boomf Balloon Pet?

If no one is home to receive your Boomf Pet, your Royal Mail postal worker will leave a 'Something for you' red card which will tell you how to collect your Boomf Pet or rearrange delivery. The fastest way to get your item is to collect it from your local Customer Service Point (CSP). Your card will give details of where this is and the opening hours. It will also tell you how long to wait before trying to collect.


Can you deliver Boomf Balloon Pets internationally?

As much as we'd love Boomf Balloon Pets to find homes all over the world, helium-filled balloons can be shipped within the UK only.


How long will my Boomf Balloon Pet last?

With the right love and attention, your Boomf Balloon Pet should stay afloat for 3 to 5 days! To enjoy your Boomf Pet even longer, all our balloons can be re-inflated by taking them to your nearest helium balloon retailer. Please note: Your Boomf Pet is filled with helium gas and is sensitive to extreme temperature changes. This means it may appear deflated in cold air. To resolve this, simply move your Boomf Pet somewhere warm and it will expand again! But not too hot as extreme heat can cause the balloon to burst.


How should I dispose of my Boomf Balloon Pet?

Don’t let go! We love balloons but we also love the environment, so please don’t release your Boomf Balloon Pet outside. It could get caught in power lines and cause power outages, or fall to the ground as litter which is bad news for the wildlife we all love! To properly dispose of your Boomf Pet you should cut the used balloon open to release any helium that remains, and then discard it in a recycling bin (foil balloons can be recycled alongside plastic). Or better yet, re-use rather than recycle! The best alternative to recycling your Boomf Pet is simply to save it to be re-inflated on another occasion.


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