Covid-19 Special Enquiries Covid-19 Special Enquiries

Covid-19 Special Enquiries

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Due to continued pressure with Royal Mail, orders may take longer to be delivered so please do bear with us! We keep our shipping page updated for you. To see the status of your order, visit the account page


*Due to Covid-19 the following countries are not accepting DHL or Royal Mail deliveries: 

New Caledonia


Due to the gifting nature of our business all items are sent out individually, even if they are placed in one order.


Top Covid-19 Questions


Are you still shipping? 

Yes! Boomf has all necessary procedures in place to keep our team safe. All orders placed today will be shipped tomorrow (Mon-Fri). However, due to continued pressure with all delivery partners, orders may take longer to be delivered.

Are you still shipping Worldwide?

Yes, we’re still sending smiles and confetti Worldwide, however our confetti is not strong enough to break through any countries with postal restrictions (please see list at the top of this page).

What changes have you made in your factories? 

We are following all strict hygiene recommendations from the World Health Organisation and are taking all relevant precautions to keep us all safe.


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