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We respect your data

At Boomf we take your privacy very seriously and want to make sure we respect the information you share with us.

To optimize your experience, we process and use your data according to our Privacy Policy. We do this for reasons such as to display information that is relevant to each person, including products and offers that are available in their location.


How Data is Collected

We collect data at various point of your journey interacting with our digital services. This includes data you expressly give us for example when filling in a form, sign in and out or uploading images for cards; as well as data we collect from your browsing behaviours on our website like what products were you viewed or engagement on content like videos or images. We also link this data with social media to show advertising across some of those networks where we think you might be interested.

Full explanation of our use of Cookies in the process and how to opt-out can be found in our Cookie Policy and on the Cookie Consent Banner when visiting our website and services.


Why are we collecting data?

We collect data to make our shopping experience the best it can be for you; this is so you see products that are relevant for you, promote the best offers we have available and run the best service we can by optimizing our website, fulfilment, customer service and other services based on how they are performing to serve you. Full information on why and how we use your data can be found in our Privacy Policy


Your Rights

We comply with GDPR in the EEA and UK and other data protection laws across the world and want to be open and transparent with you.

If for any reason you aren't comfortable with us using your data you can manage this in your account or by getting in touch. Full details of your rights, usage of data and how to exercise can be found are in our Privacy Policy

You can also email our Data Protection Office too at




Our Data Policies

Boomf Privacy Policy

Boomf Cookie Policy



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