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Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

Questions asked frequently around our shipping services.

I accidentally left the billing address the same as the delivery address. What now?
    Although required for payment processing, we don't store billing inf...
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I haven't received an email confirming my order. Will I get one?
    You will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of placing yo...
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My order hasn't arrived. What do I do?
    - Please log into your account to see when your order was posted and...
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When will my order be posted?
    You will receive an email when your order has been dispatched. To lo...
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Where's my order?
    Head to your account page and check the 'Shipping status'.    If yo...
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Which countries accept Tracked Delivery?
  - Aland Islands- Andorra- Australia- Austria- Belgium- Brazil- Canada-...
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Is my order tracked and with Express Delivery?
    Orders are only tracked or sent with by Tracked, USA Direct or DHL ...
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