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Card-Specific QuestionsUpdated 2 years ago

Does the Bomb come ready to pop? Should I open the envelope?

The Bomb is ready to pop. Your bomb arrives in an outer mailing envelope with a shipping label on, which you can open. Inside, there is a white cardboard envelope with multi-colour circles. Don't open that! Give it to the gift recipient.


What's the best way to open the Boomf Bomb?

Tip 1: Rip it all the way! To make sure you have the full explosive experience, pull the 'rip here' tab towards you.

Tip 2: Don't squeeze it too tight! Once you've ripped open that envelope, keep those fingers loose, wait a few tense seconds and watch the magic happen!

Tip 3: Don't forget to film it - we love a good reaction video!!


How big is the Boomf Bomb?

The Bomb is a cube and each side of the cube measures 7.5cm by 7.5cm.


Does the Flutter come ready to fly?

The Boomf Flutter will fly out of the card when opened. To re-use hold the lower wings & rotate the top wings 18 times.


How long can I keep my card in the envelope?

The 'pop' or 'flutter' in each card can degrade over time, we recommend gifting your card within 2 months of purchasing to ensure you get the surprise you were hoping for.

Can I take the Boomf Bomb on an airplane?

Yup! It is powered by elastic band, and totally airplane safe.

Which cards are sent with spare envelopes? 

When ordering from our Greetings Cards range, you will be given the option to have this sent straight to you with a spare envelope, or instead directly to your recipient in its shipping envelope. This can be selected on the basket page once you have created your order. *Our bombs and cannons currently do not have this option.*

What sizes are the Greetings cards? 

Our standard Greetings card: 144 x 144mm 

Our large Greetings card: 210 x 210mm


Are Boomf suitable for all ages?

The Boomf Bomb and Boomf Flutter pop/fly when first opened and can reach heights of 1 metre. We trust our customer’s judgement that the card they create is suitable for the recipient they have selected. If you have any further questions please email [email protected].

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