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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing Your Order

When will my Order be shipped?. Order before 4pm BST/GMT for same day dispatch (Monday - Friday). You will receive an email when your order has been dispatched. To log into your account and see if your order has been dispatched please check here. Wil

Your Order

I have made a mistake on my order. What should I do?. Before you complete your order, please check you have created your product with the right personalisation. Also check the recipient address is correct. If the address is not correct, head to your


How long will it take for my Boomf to be delivered?. For information on our shipping times please visit Shipping Info. Where do you ship to?. EVERYWHERE!. Do you deliver to UAE?. We do indeed. However, any orders being shipped to UAE must be sent to

Card-Specific Questions

Does the Bomb come ready to pop? Should I open the envelope?. The Bomb is ready to pop. Your bomb arrives in an outer mailing envelope with a shipping label on, which you can open. Inside, there is a white cardboard envelope with multi-colour circles

Technical Issues

Have you tried... 1.If you are using your phone, try placing your order on a desktop computer or laptop, as that can sometimes work better. 2.Try logging out and logging in. There are a couple of issues this can fix. 3.Email [email protected], or chat

Photo / Creative Questions

What kind of images can I upload?. What size & shape should my images be?. For our products, we would advise using square images - you can crop any image you upload on our site using our edit function. The images you upload should be between 500-1000


When will marshmallows be back in stock?. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We have experienced various quality issues so we've taken the time to bring back the original quality of our Personalised Marshmallows. We are expect